Artificial Grass

  • Artificial Grass
Enjoy a weed free, natural looking garden all year round with Oryzon® tufted artificial grass from Orotex.

Available to buy in store, it comes in 4m widths and two popular colours. Call into our showroom or contact us for more information and a free no obligation quotation.


  • Always green
    With Oryzon® grass, your lawn looks great all seasons long!
  • Natural look
    Gives your garden a natural look, which can is hard to distinguish from real grass.
  • Zero maintenance
    No more mowing, weeding or watering your lawn. Save time and enjoy your green lawn!
  • Weatherproof
    No matter what the season, it always looks perfect! The artificial grass has a porous backing allowing sufficient drainage during heavy rainfall. The UV-protection prevents discolouration.
  • Easy installation
    On hard surfaces (terraces, balconies) just roll out your artificial grass. On soft surfaces (earth), first level the surface, then install the grass.
  • Children friendly
    Soft and comfortable for extra fun at play. No muddy feet or green stains.
  • Strong and durable
    Colourfast, robust and looks good for many years. Enjoy your lawn for years.

Garden Trend

Man-made grass has become a real trend and the possible uses keep on growing:

  • Gardens
  • (roof) terraces
  • Balconies
  • Patios
  • Swimming pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Public green areas
  • Display windows
  • Exhibitions and events